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Pups of the Past




If you purchased the newest tiny toy member of your family from us, we'd love to see photos! Send us your favorite pic and we'd be delighted to put it on our page!




Our Personal Pride and Joy, Mr. Twinkie

This is Marti. He is out of some of the top long

Part of Sheila's KellyPup-Pack

He weighs 2.25 lbs

coat Chihuahua bloodlines in the nation!


Princess Mary Catherine Gates in Alabama

Layla Lou in New Jersey

Belle won 1st Place!

She only weighs 16 ozs!



Tish just bought Diego a new friend, Izzy!




Tippy Toes went to the most wonderful home

Abbie "The Licker!"


with the most wonderful little girl!


Belle's First Birthday!

Daisy's First Birthday!




Graycie Blue

Gizmo (Muffin's Brother) in Louisiana


Milo taking a break from playing with his

Raven now lives with Dawn in New York

Blue in California

little brother



Ella lives with Penny

Gypsie Rose

Angel in Los Angeles




Shawna's Tater

Dillon in New York

Reann's Mi Mariposita



Padma live in Fayetteville, Arkansas,

Diamond lives with Danielle


with Sterling


Thai posing for the camera

Skippy moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas

Princess Annie on her Birthday in 


New York

Gabriella "Gabby" Strack

Tatiana Sugar lives with the Francis Family

Razor (Razorback) now lives with Martha in



New York

Longcoats Tia and Angel

Scout lives with Dawson in Little Rock, AR

May's Star and ChaCha!




Sophie lives with the Reed Family

Sadi, lives with the Reed Family

Lilly is Rachael's Little Princess

along with Sadie

along with Sophie


"Little Girl" looking at her web page!

Coco Chanel playing in the sand on her

Milly lives with Liz in Michigan


annual Florida vacation!


Chloe on her 1st Birthday

Hailey smiles for her owner, Sarah

Bentley Nicole Bell, Teacup Maltese, poses for

She lives with the Cooper Family


her mother, Tiffany!




Odis went to his forever home with Mary